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Anita Hassanandani’s missing mole leaves ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ co-actor Karan Patel in shock!


Television actress Anita Hassanandani who plays the lead role of Raman Bhalla’s (Karan Patel) ex-wife ‘Shagun’ in popular television show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ recently leaves her co-star Karan Patel wonder.

The beautiful Anita who is known for her facial feature, the mole which is above her lip on the right side of face enhance her beauty even more.

She always sported her mole without ever feeling the need to hide it. But recently, she has posted a photo on her social media, in which her mole is missing from their face.

36 yr old Anita updated this profile picture on her twitter page yesterday only and she captioned it #NewProfilePic“


It looked highly unlikely that the beautiful actress would get her mole removed temporarily.

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Well, before even her fans could notice something amiss, the actress YHM co-star Karan Patel noticed it and even joked about it.

He wrote to Anita, ????????????????????????where is the mole ?? The ‘mole is no mole’ … sorry ‘no more’ ????????????????


And worry not! We got the answer for everyone who wondered where the mole that went missing in Anita’s profile pic!

If you see the picture more closely, you would notice the watermark of a fan’s twitter handle on it and here lies the answer.

The fan had posted this picture 3 days ago and when Anita decided to put this up as her profile pic, fans inquired about the missing mole. This is when the fan reveals that it was her mobile app that automatically removed Anita’s mole.




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