Ankita Lokhande finally speaks up on her break-up with Sushant Singh Rajput!

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput were one of the adorable couple in telly-town at one point of time. But, the couple parted their ways and their break-up left many of their fans heart-broken. The duo ended their 6-year-old courtship in 2016 and  moved on in their life.

While now Ankita is rumoured to be dating city businessman Vikas Jain and Sushant Singh Rajput reportedly dating Kriti Sanon.

Well now after such a long time, Ankita opens up about her break-up and how it changed her personality.

While talking to DNA, Ankita said, “Honestly, I have always been content. When I was working, I was satisfied; when I wasn’t, I was still happy. I’m okay with whatever I do. Aisa kabhi nahin tha ki mujhe yeh chahiye ya woh chahiye. I decided to take a break because I was happy with that then. It was not just for myself. I guess, the Universe wanted me to get back professionally, which is why I’m here now. I won’t say the break-up affected my profession, though. Love and work are two separate things. You need to balance them and I’ll say I wasn’t able to do that.”

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 “It affects you a lot. You don’t know what’s happening with you but it’s all there in the papers. However, I actually feel it makes you stronger. Today, I don’t feel anything. That’s it. Whatever the things were, my family and friends were with me.” she added.

She also added that the entire episode helped her learn to love herself more than anything else. “I have learnt to love myself. I had forgotten to do that. Loving yourself helps because if you don’t respect your own feelings, how do you expect others to do that? Also, earlier, I didn’t know how to balance things. Today, I know how to do that. Mujhe pata hai kahaan kise importance deni hai. Lekin sabse zyada importance mujhe apne aap ko deni hai.”

During the conversation, Ankita was also asked if she channelled all her energy into work after her break-up. Ankita said, “Yes, in the end, it’s all about where you put your energies. If you focus only on love and keep talking and bothering about that all day, usi mein saari energy chali jayegi. After everything happened, when I was back to a state of normalcy, I kept asking myself,  ‘What do I want to do next?’ and I chose work. Being with my partner was my only priority but once I went back to the sets, I understood what true love meant. When I was acting in Manikarnika, I was thinking about nothing but my scenes. Love is about what you feel and I feel that about my dance and my acting. That, to me, is my love now.”

She concluded her conversation by saying, “I’m still waiting for my prince charming (laughs). But I’m not consciously looking for a man. I’m done with that! I don’t need a man to reach somewhere in life. I’d rather have awards.”

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