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BB12: Anup Jalota meets Jasleen and says he has no romantic feelings for her

Few days ago, Anup Jalota makes a shocking revelation about his relationship with Jasleen. He said that they were never had a love affair and were to enter the show as ‘Guru-Shishya’. After hearing this Jasleen gets shocked.

Anup Jalota meets Jasleen

Anup Jalota meets Jasleen

Well, in tonight’s episode, Anup Jalota will once again enter the show and will meet Jasleen. He will also clears the air about his feelings for Jasleen.

Recently, a video is seen doing the rounds on social media, in which Salman is seen asking them about their relationship status, to which, Anup said, “ Mere andar inke liye vo romantic feeling hai hi nahi.  Yeh mere liye sirf ek student hai”.

After hearing this, Jasleen says, “Kahin na Kahin inhone mujhe bhi confuse kiya.”

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Well, it will be interesting to see tonight’s episode. Meanwhile, stay tuned.

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