Archana Vijaya reacts to Virat Kohli’s viral photo in which he is ‘ogling’ at ripped jeans of anchor

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli’s picture of apparently ‘ogling’ at IPL 2017 TV presenter Archana Vijaya’s ripped denims went viral about a week ago during the ongoing Indian Premier League 10 season.

Yeah, that one! After two long weeks, Archana Vijaya — the chirpy cricket presenter — finally opened up about it. And, she’s not taking shit from anybody.

Archana Vijaya and virat kohli

Archana however was angry at the way the picture was being projected, saying that the 28-year-old was only trying to cheat. “My first thought was: Oh my God, are people trying that hard to make headlines? Are people so starved to bring people down?” she said in an interview to India Today.

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“We were playing a round of rapid fire and the poor guy was just trying to cheat by looking at the cue card. It was the cue card he was looking at,” she said, adding that the fact that serious media houses also ran stories on the picture was disappointing. She said it trivalises journalism.

She was all praise for Kohli and admired his discipline. “Virat has had such a remarkable growth as a cricketer. We all admire his amazing discipline. He has such clarity of thought and look at what people did.”

Archana Vijaya and virat kohli

Vijaya, who was there when Kohli made his debut, said, “When he saw me, he asked, ‘Dude, where were you last year? Welcome back!’ That’s the sort of ease we have.”

She concluded that there needs to be a change in the mentality of Indians and how they look at women. “In India, women are kind of objectified so you have to make your work load harder. It’s a constant challenge and the mindset needs to change. And the change needs to start at the top.”

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