Ayesha Shroff finally opens up in CDR scam, ask why would I spy on Sahil Khan?

Yesterday we told you that Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha’s name come up in CDR case. The superstar’s wife has been summoned by Thane Cime branch.

According to Thane Police Crime branch DCP Abhishek Trimukhe, the interrogation with arrested lawyer Rizwan Siddique revealed Actor Sahil Khan’s call details shared which are believed to have been shared by Ayesha Shroff.

He said, “Probe found that Ayesha Shroff procured CDR of Sahil Khan and shared it with Rizwan, this was revealed in an analysis of Rizwan’s mobile.”

Earlier, Sahil Khan opens up about this matter and claimed “Karma is a b***h”. Sahil Khan has floated a video on YouTube saying, “I have moved on, I had forgiven her for whatever happened. I do not know what her intentions were; we’ll know when the police find out. Karma is a b***h, what goes around comes around, I had forgotten about this but maybe karma had other plans.”

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And now, Ayesha has finally reacted to the allegations, saying she had no reason to dig out Sahil’s call records.

While speaking to a leading entertainment portal she said “Have I gone mad that I would spy on Sahil Khan? How does it matter to me who he spoke to? Would it have got me my money back which was the bone of contention? So yeah, why would I procure Sahil’s Call records. I know nothing about this CDR scam which every alternate person for some strange reason is talking about,”

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut name is also come up in the case. It is being said that Kangana Ranaut had also shared Hrithik Roshan’s mobile number with Rizwan in 2016.

Earlier, police had summoned actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the CDR case. According to statements by some of the accused, the actor had enlisted a private detective to obtain the call details of his wife, sources claimed. Later, the police, however, confirmed that he was summoned just as a witness.

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