BB10: ‘I found great friends in Gaurav and Lopa’, says wild card evictee Sahil Anand

One of the more decent contestants in the “Bigg Boss” house, Sahil Anand gets evicted from the reality TV show. Though he played a fair game and showed oodles of patience with Om Swami while befriending Bani and Gaurav, Sahil failed to win the audience’s hearts.

Sahil Anand

Moving out of the controversial house in mere two weeks, Sahil stated that his stint seemed to have lasted for ages.

“When people told me that I seemed offbeat and boring, I was surprised. I feel I was at my entertaining best. From the 24 hours footage only about 40 minutes gets on air and it’s sad that my persona couldn’t be projected well. In just two weeks the contestants got fond of me and that proves that I was fun,” he quipped.

 Sahil further added, “I did not sign Bigg Boss to boost my career but to find out the real me. I wanted to see how I would react to the pressure and different circumstances. And I am proud to say that I was the same Sahil, always smiling, having fun and getting ugly or fighting for no reasons. I handled the stress with a calm mind and I feel I have exited with a much stronger outlook to life.”

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 While the actor was in the house, news of his ‘secret’ marriage came out in the media. Denying that it was planned, he shared, “I am a very private person and I did not like the fact that it got splashed in the newspapers. I do not know if it was a PR mechanism but my family is really upset. I do not want to comment on it and make it uglier.”

The “Student of the Year” actor, who entered the show stating that Swami Om was his biggest threat, found a friend in him. Stating that a certain incident changed his mind, Sahil shared, “During the dome task, I walked in wearing my boxers not knowing it would be ice cold inside. Everyone was supporting Rahul Dev, who was against me and no one cared to pass me my jeans. Only Baba came to help me and shared his own body warmer. The days that I stayed in the house I tried to make him a better person but sadly he has a different attitude.”

Seeing Manu, Manveer and Gaurav as the winners, Sahil stated that Bani is currently drained out emotionally and mentally. “Nitibha and Manveer have interestingly found a new angle and that might help them stay in the game,” he said.

Finally, summing up his experience, Sahil says, “It’s crazy. It is truly a game show that can change your life. Though my stint on the show was short-lived, it allowed me to rekindle my friendship with Bani. I am also glad I got to meet other like-minded people as well like Lopa and Gaurav. If I had to pick a winner, I think Gaurav or Manveer will win hands down.”

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