CBFC denies banning Soni Razdan’s film No fathers in Kashmir

Actress Alia Bhatt on Thursday urged the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to lift the “ban” on her mother Soni Razdan’s film No Fathers in Kashmir.

CBFC denies banning Soni Razdan's film

She took to Twitter and wrote, “Was so looking forward to mom’s ‘No Fathers In Kashmir’… The team worked super hard for this honest teens love story in Kashmir. Really hope the CBFC would lift the ban. It’s a film about empathy and compassion. Let’s give love a chance”

The CBFC has, however, denied having imposed a ban on the movie.

CBFC denies banning Soni Razdan’s film

Tushar Karmarkar, Regional Officer of CBFC told, “We are disappointed with the misinformation being spread about the film ‘No fathers in Kashmir’. Any news of CBFC banning this film is completely false. And all responsible people should take account of that.”

“Filmmakers of ‘No fathers in Kashmir’ have already been offered an adult certificate, and the reasons thereof have clearly been communicated to them. It’s unfortunate that unwarranted pressure is being put by spreading misinformation of a ‘ban’.” he added.

No Fathers in Kashmir is a love story of two 16 year olds set against the backdrop of Kashmir who are individually in search for their missing fathers.

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Alia Bhatt requests CBFC to pass her mother Soni Razdan’s film No Fathers In Kashmir

Directed by Ashvin Kumar, the film also stars Anshuman Jha and Kulbulshan Kharbanda.

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