CCD lady staff slaps consumer for pointing out Cockroaches in their Fridge

Recently, an incident in Jaipur comes as a literal slap on the face of the customer. Yes, you heard it right!


Arpan Verma, a law student, witnessed at least 10 cockroaches refrigerated counter of a CCD outlet in Jaipur. Without using any foul language or means of violence, he was simply taping the incident to bring the ignorance to notice.

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This infuriated the female staff to such an extent that she instantly slapped the man.

The customer was merely pointing out the pathetic maintenance of this CCD outlet. Nikhil’s tweet was followed by a snapshot which points the fact that CCD is still using the same refrigerator to serve food despite this fiasco.

When he tweeted to Café Coffee Day, he didn’t get any response and they pretended as if they were unaware of it all. What’s more, he has not got any reply from Department Of Consumer Affairs in this connection so far.

Instead of handling crisis, the coffee outlet was busy promoting new flavours on Twitter. Nikhil had the perfect response to this promotional tweet.

One of Arpan’s friends, Nikhil Anand Singh, posted this video on Twitter and it has gone viral. Watch it on the next page:

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