Dalljiet Kaur becomes a victim of ATM fraud!

Television actress Dalljiet Kaur who returned from a trip to Indonesia, recently has become a victim of ATM fraud. The night after her return, Dalljiet got a message alert notifying that an amount of Rs 50,000 has been withdrawn from her account through five different transactions.

The small screen actress checked for her debit card instantly to see if it got misplaced and got in the hands of some wrong person. But was startled to see that she still had the card and wondered how someone got access to her bank account.

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In a panicked state, she called the bank, who in turn informed her to file a FIR for further investigation. Dalljiet approached the police and filed a complaint with them on Monday.

She says, “When I got up in the morning, I realised that five withdrawals of `10,000 each had been made at an ATM in Lonavala, the previous night. Initially, I thought that I had lost my debit card, which wasn’t the case. Finally, the bank figured that someone had cloned my card. Now, a police complaint has been lodged and investigation is on. Every penny counts and this is a huge amount for me, especially when I budget all my expenses. The fact that technology has advanced so much is helpful, but it is rendering us vulnerable at the same time.”


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