It was a difficult phase for Govinda, when he lost his first child


Govinda is a name of bollywood who doesn’t need any introduction. He is among the legends of Film industry who have ruled the Silver screen with his talent for a long time. Widely known by his pet name ‘Chichi’, he started his filmy carrier in 1986 with the movie ‘Ilzaam’.

Govinda has entertained his audience with so many comedy movies, his dancing numbers and his fabulous acting at the same time. Govinda’s reel life is very open, but few of us knows about his real life. The early phase of his life was full of emotional tragedies with him and his family.

Govinda looking tensed

Everyone knows that Narmada Ahuja (Tina) is his elder daughter but only a few know that he had another daughter before Tina who died when she was just 4 months old and Tina was his second daughter.

According to an Interview in which Govinda told about the tragedies of his life he said that he has witnessed eleven deaths in his family and first among them was of his 4 months old daughter who was born Pre-mature. Other than this it was his mom-dad, two cousins, sister and brother in law also died leaving all the responsibilities upon his shoulders. He has took care of all the children of his family after the death of other family members and thus he has been in a great emotional and financial pressure as well.

Now he has two children a daughter Narmada and a son Yashwardhan whom he cares a lot. Narmada wanted to make a carrier in bollywood whereas Yashwardhan is till studying.