Divyanka Tripathi celebrate Rakshabandhan with brother Aishwarya, see pics

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, television actors shared their lovely memories and pictures snapped with their brothers and sisters on their social networking site. Divyanka and Vivek too, shared some of the lovely pictures of their siblings.

“Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actress Divyanka Tripathi, is having a special Raksha Bandhan celebration this year. And that is because, not only has she got an off from work, but her younger brother Aishwarya too is in Mumbai with her after many years.

Divyanka Tripathi celebrate Rakshabandhan

“This year is my most memorable Raksha Bandhan in a long time because I have luckily got an off and my brother Aishwarya has flown down to Mumbai for a few hours,” says Divyanka, who is nine years older to her brother, who lives in Bhopal.

Divyanka Tripathi celebrate Rakshabandhan

A commercial pilot by profession, Divyanka’s brother doesn’t seem overwhelmed by her successful as a television actor. “He doesn’t take my fame too seriously. Rather he just keeps pulling my leg. I don’t think he is affected by my popularity because he is so successful himself,” says the television actor to HT, who rose to popularity after her role as Dr Ishitha in the show, “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”.

Divyanka Tripathi celebrate Rakshabandhan

However, Divyanka’s popularity has increased Aishwarya’s female fan following. “A lot of my female fans really like Aishwarya. They keep sending messages to him through me about how much they adore him. Sometimes they also try to flirt with him through messages,” laughs Divyanka and adds, “And it’s very awkward for him because he is not used to that kind of attention.”

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Divyanka Tripathi celebrate Rakshabandhan

Talking about the kind of relationship she shares with her baby brother, Divyanka says,”We have had different phases in our relationship. We have had big fights and then we became great friends. Also, I am more like a second mother to him. He is nine years younger to me, so the motherly love is always there. I am possessive about him.”

Divyanka Tripathi with brother

Divyanka-Aishwarya’s cute throwback pic from few years ago!

Divyanka Tripathi with brother 2

Divyanka-Aishwarya’s cute throwback pic from their childhood.

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