Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat shows off her after-miscarriage body in this latest pic!

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has recently parted ways with her Romanian husband Vlad Stanescu and kicked him out from the house. Not only this, Sofia who was pregnant has also lost her baby.

Well, now the actress has finally opens up about her miscarriage. She also opens up on how she underwent a physical change after this.

She posted a picture of herself showing off her after-miscarriage body and wrote, “My body after miscarriage…I do love my beautiful body for all it has gone through..expecting a child..then losing it…then being a shape I had never been..remembering that it is this shape because of losing a baby…but I still love it…I do..because my body has done so much for me every day..”


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So far I have lost half a stone..3 kilos..i am doing it naturally and healthy. It has taken 2 weeks. I am happy with my body now. I weigh 11 stone. ( some media have reported me at 115lbs!!! That is rubbish.. I am 154 pounds right now and that is perfectly ok..it is great) I used to weigh 9st 8. But I do love my new shape..my butt is actually 4 inches bigger than usual..my jeans are not fitting .. but hey..I am curvier. I Love my body at every phase and respect it at every phase..I love my cellulite..I love my belly..I love it all..Loving it makes you look after yourself more. If my body wants to stay at this weight..so be it..but I am back eating healthy and working out..which I stopped because of the pregnancy. Womens bodies go through so much. I honour every woman because you have had to put up with so much scrutiny..judging yourself..being judged! You were not meant to all look the same..be you…be you in every way you want…I was a nun..they critisized me..I was an actress..they critisized me..I was skinny..they critisized me..I was wearing a bikini..they critisized me..but you know what…they do not matter! They are full of so much self loathing they project it out..so ignore them! After having a miscarriage and pushing out my lying partner..I feel like I can breathe again..and honour everything I have been through..as the strong yet gentle and loving and incredible woman I AM. So here is to all of those women out there who have gone through heartache..misscarriage and being judged! Be what ever you are NOW! Love and honour it!!! If you want you can tag a woman you know who is incredible in the comments! I tag you all!!

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Talking about her split with husband, Sofia earlier said in an statement that “He’s a con man. I had once caught him trying to steal my jewellery, but I forgave him because he said he was desperate and needed money urgently. Recently, I received a message from his ex-girlfriend saying he stole money from her too. When we had met, Vlad told me he is a hotshot interior designer but lost his job and came to London. He also said that he is not egoistic and doesn’t shy away from menial jobs, so he took up a gig as a salesman at a shop to manage expenses, and I believed him. Turns out, it was all lies.”

“I started suspecting him when money started to disappear from my purse as well as in my business deals. He would keep borrowing from me saying that his ex-wife was trying to take his son away from him and he required money to pay the lawyers’ fee. I felt sorry for him and gave him all the cash he needed. Then, I found text messages on his phone where he was trying to sell his wedding ring, the one I had bought for him, and one of my Rolex watches. I had paid Rs 9 lakh for that ring.” she added.

Sofia rose to fame with Colors TV show ‘Bigg Boss’. Later on she shocked everyone when she turned nun.

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