This flop actor made Shah Rukh Khan, a superstar overnight!


Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his 25 years in film industry. His debut film Deewana was released on June 25, 1992. In it he starred alongside Divya Bharti as the second male lead behind Rishi Kapoor. Deewana became a box office hit and launched Khan’s Bollywood career.

But only few people knows that, who play essential role to made him a superstar. Well, the person who is credited for making Shah Rukh a superstar is actually an actor. Yes, he is none another than Armaan Kohli.

Yes, the role of Shahrukh in the film was first offered to actor Armaan Kohli, who is counted today in superflops stars.

Director Raj Kanwar was first offered this movie to Armaan Kohli, but fortunately or unfortunately, the actor refused to do the film after the first schedule and eventually it went to SRK. And, that’s why, the King Khan credits Armaan for his successful journey in the industry.