Huma Qureshi Starrer ‘Partition 1947’ Movie Review Is Here

Complete review of ‘Partition 1947’

Star Cast: Huma Qureshi, Arunoday Singh, Manish Dayal, Late Mr. Om Puri

Director: Gurinder Chadha

Producer: Paul Myada, Deepak Nayar

Music Director:  A. R. Rahman

Rating: 2.5/5*

Known for making films like Bride and Prejudice, Bend It Like Beckham, director Gurinder Chadha, of Kenyan origin,  brings you all a film that unmasks the hidden facts about the partition that happened during the supervision of the last viceroy of India,  Lord Mount batten, in the year 1947.

Partition 1947

Story of the movie:

The film opens with the line: “History is written by the victors.” Soon after we see an army of well groomed, liveried Indians scrubbing, polishing, shuffling around the Viceroy’s House preparing for the arrival of the last British Viceroy to India.

Lord Louis Mountbatten (Hugh Bonneville) comes to Delhi accompanied by his wife Lady Edwina (Gillian Anderson) and their daughter, who busy themselves tinkering with the dynamics between the upstairs (the British officers) and downstairs (the Indian servants) in the House.

Jeet (Manish Dayal) is appointed as Lord Mountbatten’s personal assistant who is in love with Alia (Huma Qureshi), who is also a helping hand to Edwina at the viceroy’s house. But Ali Rahim Noor (Om Puri), who is Alia’s blind father, wants Asif (Arunoday Singh) to marry his daughter. He is the personal driver of Jinnah (Denzil Smith). Mahatma Gandhi (Neeraj Kabi) doesn’t want the partition to happen, though Jinnah has other plans,  wanting a separate nation for his Muslim community.

Jeet and Alia’s love story has to suffer many difficulties due to the partition. Twists come in the story. But what happens to this love story? You need to watch the movie to know it.

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The story of the film is written by Gurinder Chadha, which is shot on real location. Film’s direction, screenplay and editing are also very accurate. However, things that have been said in the movie do not seem to be factual in some places. The way Gurinder has presented the Viceroy’s House is commendable. Not for a single moment you feel it’s India from 1947. The story is fine which could have been better.

Star Cast Performance:

Huma Qureshi looks quite different in the film. She has characterized the character very closely and has landed on the screen. Manish Dayal as Jeet Kumar and Huma Qureshi as Aalia Noor are the salient heroes of this film. Yes, their love track is secondary to the main plot but it’s been mixed very well with it. 

No matter for how short duration Late Mr. Om Puri was with his role, he will make you miss him. Huma Qureshi gives a very good performance and compliments Late Mr. Om Puri very well. I’m sure she’ll too get teary eyed after she sees herself with him on big screen for one last time.

Both Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson are terrific in their roles, especially Anderson who is delightful as the sympathetic Lady of the House. They are supported by an ensemble cast with Michael Gambon and Darshan Jariwala standing out. Tanveer Ghani, Denzil Smith and Neeraj Kabi are also brilliant as Nehru, Jinnah and Gandhi respectively.

Music Direction:

The song ‘Dama Dam Mast Kalandar‘ has been added to the film. AR Rahman’s music is good. The background score is also good.

Watch Or Not: 

Watch it for the brilliant execution of events, few sharp dialogues and to-the-point performances. Also don’t miss this for Late Mr. Om Puri, he’ll be missed but don’t miss him in this. Avoid the film if you aren’t a history fanatic.

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