Kangana, Prasoon, Konkona among 61 celebs writes an open letter to PM Modi on mob lynching

Days after 49 eminent personalities wrote an open letter to PM Narendra Modi, expressing concern over incidents of mob lynching, other 61 celebs have hit back at them, calling it false narratives, selective outrage and a clear political bias in their open letter.

celebs writes an open letter to PM Modi

The celebs who have signed the letter include Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairman Prasoon Joshi, actor Kangana Ranaut, classical dancer and Member of Parliament Sonal Mansingh, and filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar among others.

celebs writes an open letter to PM Modi

The letter read, “An open letter which has been published on July 23, 2019, and addressed to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has astonished us. Forty nine self-styled ‘guardians’ and conscience keepers’ of the nation… have expressed selective concern and demonstrated a clear political bias and motive.” It also mentioned, “To us, the undersigned, this document of selective outrage comes across as an attempt to foist a FALSE NARRATIVE… to negatively portray Prime Minister Modi’s untiring efforts. The signatories of the ‘open letter’ have, in the past, kept silent when tribals and the marginalised have become victims of Naxal terror, they have kept silent when separatists have issued dictates to burn schools in Kashmir, they have kept silent when the demand for dismembering India were made…”

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In an interview with India Today, Kangana said,“Some people are misusing their power and position to generate a false narrative that, under the current government things are going wrong, whereas for the first time in this nation, things are going in the right direction. We are a part of a major shift, things are changing for the betterment of this nation and few people are rattled by this. Common people have chosen their representatives and leaders, the ones who disregard their will are the ones who have no respect or consideration for democracy.”

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