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Kasauti Zindagi kay: Anurag and Prerna to Reunite Again

One of the very popular shows of star plus “Kasauti Zindagi Kay” is taking very interesting twist in the show, the passionate viewers of the show are sticked to the show after knowing that soon anurag and prerna are going reunite sue to some interesting circumstances.

As of now the story shows that prerna and anurag got separated from each other as he makes some allegations o her and tries to kill their  doaughter.

Soon viewers will see that anurag will spill the beans before his father Moloy and his father will slap him asks him why he cheated on her. meanwhile the female lead Prerna will overhear their conversation and breakdown in tears seeing anurag crying.The new episode will show that both anurag and prerna will outburst and cry remembering their painfull past.



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