Koena Mitra gets sexually explicit calls from a stranger, lodges police complaint

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra who starred in films like like Apna Sapna Money Money and Heyy Babyy, has been harassed over the phone.

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 As per reports over the past week the actress has been getting phone calls from a random caller – who asked for a night stand in exchange for money.

Irked with this, the actress approached the Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai and lodged a formal sexual harassment complaint against the caller after receiving nearly 40-50 unknown calls.

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Talking to India.com, Koena said, “I am waiting for the result, right now I can only talk about my experience. You know what offended me is that I have worked for so many years in the industry, I am not a new comer who’s a new to the Mumbai City and this kind of call left me surprised.”

“From July 24 random numbers started calling me, quite a few Bombay numbers also, It was nonstop calls. I changed my handset too. Usually, I don’t answer from an unknown number. But once I answered and he said, ‘Koena?’ and I said ‘ Yes’. And after that, he started talking nonsense and filthy, it took me seconds to react. I was literally frozen. And after few minutes I was just angry and then I fired him and said him horrible things and after that, there was a marathon of calls. I was tired of answering the call. And then on 25, I got no calls, I was like fine they got it. But, the next day he called again and I fired him and he abused me in Marathi. I took it lightly and I was like they must be some jobless people. But again on July 26, I got calls from the same numbers. It was nonstop calls, I understood and I didn’t answer the call. But the calls went on and on and so I answered and they started abusing.” she added.

Koena continues, ” Then I decided to file a complaint against them, I called Oshiwara police station and they asked me to write a complaint and then they told me they will immediately take action. And I am waiting for the result. I want them to be locked and get the punishment. The social world today has become so dirty, these faceless people should be picked from their homes and punished.”

Narrating about her mental state she said, ” It took my nerves, I was so scared, It boiled my blood, I thought the way I gave it back to them, they won’t call, but they kept calling. They should be punished and locked in the jail”.

Koena even had a message to the newcomers who are struggling in Bollywood, ” One message to new comers They shouldn’t fear bad headlines, gossips, kya bolenge log. Mumbai police are so strong that they will get the culprit. So one shouldn’t be scared. They understand that harassment and they take corrective measures,” she signed off.

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