Manisha Koirala and her 11 love affairs that made headlines!

5. Aryan Vaid

Manisha Koirala with Aryan Vaid

Manisha Koirala made it to the headlines when she fell in love with a new comer Aryan Vaid, an actor of C-grade films. Apparently, Manisha did another C-grade film called ‘Chahat Ek Nasha’ to be close to Aryan. But then, Aryan apparently tried to gain attention by making his relationship with the actress public and this didn’t go down well with Manisha.

6. Prashant Chaudhari

Prashant Chaudhari and manisha koirala

Manisha and restaurateur Prashant Chaudhari had a whirlwind affair and it seemed that Manisha had found a soul mate in the younger Prashant but apparently Prashant’s family wasn’t too keen on the relationship and the couple broke-off.

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7. Akshay

Manisha Koirala with Akshay

Manisha dated an Australian of Indian origin, Akshay, for about a year. She was seen at all the parties and society events with him. A struggler, Akshay and Manisha split because Manisha wanted to marry him while Akshay didn’t.

8. Crispin Conroy

Crispin Conroy and manisha koirala

The Nepali beauty dated Australian Ambassador Crispin Conroy for a long time. Crispin was reportedly madly in love with Manisha and the couple even got engaged in 2000 but a year later Manisha broke the engagement saying that she wasn’t prepared for marriage.

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