Meet Sridevi’s real life sister Srilatha Yanger who is as beautiful as Sridevi!

One of the beloved actress Sridevi passes away on Feburary 24 in Dubai. The actress died due to accidental drowning in bathtub. Her sudden death left the entire nation in shock.

The celebrated actress is survived by husband Boney and daughters Jhanvi and Khushi.

Well, not many people knows that late actress Sridevi also had a younger sister – and she wasn’t much in the limelight. Her name is Srilatha.

 Srilatha is a younger sister of Sridevi and had a huge role to play in Sridevi’s successful career. Srilatha used to accompany Sridevi to film sets from 1972 and 1993.

Srilatha even operated the video camera when Sridevi shot her first videos of herself dancing and singing. They were so close that when Srilatha got married, Sridevi felt incomplete without her. Srilatha was her constant companion, friend and confidante. She had played a crucial role in her professional rise too.

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Sridevi and Srilatha lost their dad in 1991 and their mother in 1996. And between the death of their parents, the sisters entered a bitter dispute – which ended up in court – over ownership of huge properties in Mumbai and Chennai.

The sisters ended up not talking for over two decades because Sridevi had to give such a huge lump sum to her sister and her husband as compensation.

Srilatha was reported to be in shock after the sudden death of her sister.

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