#MeToo: Sheena Bajaj & her mother lashed out at Sonal Vengurlekar, calls her Blackmailer

Television actress Sonal Vengurlekar has recently accused Sheena Bajaj’s father Raja Bajaj of sexual harassment.

The actress revealed that Raja had tried to forcibly remove her clothes claiming that he would teach her tantrik vidya. She had also revealed that he rubbed a cream on her breasts much to her horror.

Well now, Raja’s wife Anju Bajaj and daughter Sheena Bajaj comes out in open and claims that Sonal is a liar and blackmailing her dad. While speaking to India Forums, Sheena said, “It’s a false allegation, absolutely false. Sonal is just blackmailing my father for money. She was someone who at that time had just entered the industry to pursue her career and earn money. If my Dad has done something wrong, then she should have gone to the police and complained about that first, rather than calling my mother and narrating the entire incident to her. She first demanded 5 Lakhs and then reduced the amount.”

She further added by saying, “My point is that if something wrong happened to you, why will you demand money. Then she asked for 3 Lakh and then claimed 1.5 Lakh. And when Dad refused to give money and told her to complain, she then went to the police station. Still, she is asking for money and telling us that she will withdraw the case if we give her money,” further adding that, “I agree with this movement. Almost 80% of the cases are right. But what about the rest 20% of people who just do this to gain fame? And when the incident happened nobody saw there were a lot of people. All of them heard incident no one saw it.”

The #MeeToo movement get momentum in India after Tanushree Dutta spoke up against Nana Patekar. Recently, a lot of such cases have come to the fore, with big names like Alok Nath, Kailash Kher, Rohit Roy, Rajat Kapoor being accused of harrasement by women.

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