Nazar Written Update: Episode 8th November 2018

Nazar Written Update: Episode 8th November 2018

Nazar Written Update: Episode 8th November 2018, The family is taking Mohana from the house. Avi says the lift isn’t working, we should utilize stairs. Shekhar says Mohana is powerless and cant goes from stairs. Chitali sees lift working and says its fine at this point. Mohana says you individuals go, I cant. Vedsheree says I am remaining with you. Mohana says you figure I will go behind Ansh? Vedsheree says no I think it’s not great to disregard you. Shekhar says you both go, we will remain here. Vedsheree and Mohana remain in lift however they see Naman coming. Vedsheree leaves lift, Mohana is in lift and entryway closes.

Piya says we need to battle a few wars alone Ansh. She sees chudail making circle around the house and says I need to battle Mohana, what I get bolted here forever? I wouldn’t have the capacity to discover mother, I lost my dad and mom in adolescence and now I am stuck here.

She cries.

Family observes fire beginning house. Shekhar pours water on the entryway and brings kids out of the room. Avi says how this fire began? Ruby smiles and reviews how Naman offered her to make an arrangement with him. Vedsheree and others come in the kitchen and doesn’t discover Naman there.

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Mohana is in the lift. Naman is slithering outside it. The lift opens and Mohana sees Naman remaining outside, she is feeble. Naman says I am back.

Ansh is outside the house and says I need to spare Piya. Piya comes there and shouts Ansh. She rushes to him. He says you? Piya says I had one opportunity to go out before chudail could make a circle and I ran out, give me blade to utilize. He gives her that and is stunned to see her feet dismissed. He says you are not Piya, she says yes and takes chudail symbol.

All relatives come to lift, lift opens and Mohana is tied by Naman’s plait. All are dazed. Naman says I am back.

Chudail says to Ansh that take my name from your stunning tongue, I am Dilruba. Ansh says you swindled me. Dilruba says simply grin at me and I will kick the bucket, I would require something to go in the house and you gave me Piya’s blade. She snickers at him and flees. Ansh looks on.

Nazar Written Update : Episode 8th November 2018
Nazar Written Update: Episode 8th November 2018

Vedsheree requests that Naman leave Mohana. Avi attempts to battle him however Naman says enough of dramatization, it will be active now. He snatches Shekhar and Avi and discards them. Chitali and Vedshere begin singing bhajan yet Naman smiles as he has earbuds on. He hauls Mohana from that point. All relatives keep running behind him. Naman secures himself to live with Mohana. Avi endeavors to break the entryway and says what would we be able to do? Vedsheree says no one can stop Mohana.

Naman is strolling towards Mohana and says where are you? He assaults her yet she moves away. Naman says I have heard that you are a decent artist? Give me a chance to demonstrate to you an example. He begins moving.

Chitali says to Vedsheree that don’t stress, our witch isn’t the one to lose. Vedsheree says to Lord that please spare Mohana, I generally requested to shield us from which however I am requesting to secure her today. All relatives cry, all of a sudden mandir illuminates. Vedsheree grins.

Vedsheree takes weapon and goes to the room.

Master Maa says to Sushant that we cannot discover chudail yet we can discover devik, you toss bolt toward each path and the heading which has devik, the bolt won’t tumble down. She gives him something to ward off chudail.

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