Nazar Written Update, November 12, 2018 Piya’s Daring Act

Nazar Written Update November 12

Nazar Written Update November 12 The Episode Start With Mohana begins eating Naman’s life, all look on. She makes him old and says now he will experience his last days as a human. She tosses him in the lift and frowns at Ruby.

Ruby supposes she knows my fact I think. Mohana says to Ruby that now your turn, you are a trick to give him your forces, you couldn’t make Ansh yours and couldn’t repel Piya from Ansh then you gave your interlace to Naman, I won’t give you a chance to remain here any longer, get lost. Ruby sits in Vedsheree’s feet and says I am your little girl in law if it’s not too much trouble advise Mohana to not do this with me. Mohana is going to toss her yet Vedsheree stops her.

Cleric and Sushant toss bolts every which way. Sushant sees a bolt giving him bearing. Minister says Piya can battle chudail. Sushant says you are correct. Sushant puts a pocket on the tree which Guru Maa gave him.

Vedsheree says to Mohana that gives sit tight for Ansh before tossing Ruby a chance to out. Mohana says she is a witch, she liberated Naman, she put house ablaze, she places everybody in threat here. Vedsheree asks Ruby? Ruby says I didn’t have a decision. Vedsheree says you attempted to execute our children? Ruby says I adore Ansh. Vedsheree says then you wouldn’t put Ansh’s kin in risk, Mohana is correct.

Dilruba ties Piya yet Piya shouts and break her circle. Dilruba says let’s see what else you can. Piya is going to assault her yet Dilruba says Ansh? Piya turns and sees Ansh rushing to Piya. Dilruba says love is visually impaired that is the reason he cannot see bolts around this house, it has patal fluid so it will murder Ansh. Piya shouts at Ansh to stop.

Mohana says Ruby doesn’t have space in this house. She pushes her out however Ruby says the genuine risk is Mohana, she is a witch, she isn’t your ally. Vedsheree looks on as lift surrounds Ruby.

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Nazar Written Update, November 12, 2018 Piya's Daring Act

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Sushant says to Priest that I appear as though these impressions in the wilderness are made by chudail to trick us. Minister’s clone comes there. They both contend that they are genuine. Sushant request that they stop it. He hits one minister and it swings to bats. Genuine cleric says what was that? Sushant says chudail sent this clone.

Screen 2

Ansh is racing to Piya, Dilruba says you can have an arrangement with me to stop Ansh. Piya takes her blade and assaults Dilruba. Abruptly bolts vanish as Ansh goes into the house. Ansh sees Dilruba’s dark blood streaming as Piya wounded him. Ansh says Piya you.. Piya says I executed her. Ansh inquires as to whether she is fine? Piya says I am sad, I ought to have tuned in to you and not come here. Ansh says in the event that you are done at that point will we take off?

Vedsheree says to Mohana that I saw the light in you, think as a mother not as a witch, Ansh’s advancement is to live with Piya. Mohana says I need to hear you out however I am a witch, you are Ansh’s mom and I am davansh’s mom and I cannot give him a chance to meet a devik, never, Ansh and Piya can never wind up one with me here. Vedsheree takes a gander at the entryway and says God’s will stop any witch. Mohana turns and sees Piya and Ansh remaining close entryway. All relatives grin. Mohana is miffed. Vedsheree races to Ansh.

Sushant says to Priest that if Divya was alive then she would have discovered Piya, I cannot discover my little girl, I couldn’t find that my girl was alive, I cannot encourage her now. Cleric says don’t stress, let’s discover your little girl. Sushant sees a waterway and says how it came here? Minister cannot see the stream. Sushant sees it gone and is paralyzed. Cleric says I figure you should take rest. Sushant says you are correct, I think I am envisioning it.

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