Neha Dhupia meets with a car accident in Chandigarh!

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia meets with a car accident in Chandigarh while promoting Season 2 of her show No Filter Neha.

According to, the tragedy happened when Neha was on her way to Chandigarh airport to catch Mumbai flight. The accident was big and traffic came to a halt and Neha was stalled for about half an hour. But, fortunately neither Neha nor her team members got any serious injuries.

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The accident left Neha in trauma and the actress is suffering from shoulder pain. However, what shocked Neha the most was that onlookers kept insisting on selfies and autographs from her rather than helping her out while all of this happened.

Meanwhile, Neha’s chat show continues to reveal interesting tid bits about the film industry folk. Talking exclusively to about how the show happened, she had said, “I bumped into a few guys from Saavn at a car parking. While conversing with them, they said, ‘you’re very funny and you should have an audio show of your own.’ I always wanted to do something ‘unfiltered’. Also, Rishi Malhotra (CEO, Saavn) and his team had a great role to play. They came up with a lot of ideas. The entire experience was very flattering because the audience loves it. No product is a hit if no consumer is consuming it. Also, the most important part was the guests and celebrities who I invited. They all came without actually knowing what the show is all about. I used to just ask them, ‘hey I’m doing an audio show and will you come and talk to me for an hour in a room?”

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