“I am not Salman Khan, you won’t get anything,” says Rakhi Sawant on arrest warrant

Bollywood Actress Rakhi Sawant, known for being part of many controversies, is again into deep trouble.  An arrest warrant has been issued against Rakhi, by a local court in Ludhiana for allegedly making objectionable remarks against sage Valmiki, who wrote the mythological Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’.

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This is in regard with the complaint filed by Valmiki Community officials in the year 2016. Rakhi had made some comments on Mika Singh and had compared him to Saint Valmiki on a TV show and it did not go down well with people. A complaint was filed against For hurting religious sentiments of Valmiki Community a complaint was filed against her.

As per reports, a team of two police men has been sent from Ludhiana to Mumbai, to arrest Rakhi Sawant.

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Rakhi quoted to a news agency that “I am not Salman Khan, I am Rakhi Sawant. You won’t get anything by putting charges on me. I am a simple girl who does social work and work in movies.”

Clarifying her statement on Valmiki maid earlier, she said, “I just gave an example from what I have read in my childhood. Just like Valmiki, who got changed from being a robber to a saint, Mika ji also has changed. It was just an example.”

Initially the lady thought that someone was pulling a prank on her. She quipped, “When I got the news, I initially thought it was an April Fool prank. I don’t know why I am being targeted. Maybe because I belong to the film industry, I am an easy target”, says Rakhi.

Sawant had failed to appear before the court during the last hearing held on March 9 despite the court issuing her repeated summons. The next hearing of the case is scheduled for April 10.

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