BB 13: Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz’ fight leads to the captaincy task cancelled

Bigg Boss 13 is full of fights and a lots of drama. The race for captaincy has again begun in the house.

Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz' fight

This time, the power to choose the next captain has been given to the housemates.

In the recent promo released by the makers, Bigg Boss has ordered them to burn the photo of the contestant, who they don’t want to see as the next captain of the house.

Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz’ fight

 Asim Riaz wears Rashami’s board while Paras Chhabra wears Asim’s board. Asim asks Paras to destroy his board but Paras said that he will destroy it but first Asim has to destroy Rashami’s board and throw Rashami out of the captaincy race. Asim does not agree to it and they get into a war of words over it.

Things get ugly and Bigg Boss not just decided to stop the task but also wants to punish these two. Watch the promo here:

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It would be interesting to see what happens next and who becomes the next captain of the house.

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