BB13: Paras Chhabra gets into a nasty fight with Mahira Sharma, tells her ‘Chal nikal yahan se’

Bigg Boss 13 has been full of fights, controversies and lots of drama. Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra had been friends since day 1 and they supports each other in the house.

Paras Chhabra gets into a nasty fight with Mahira Sharma

However, recently the duo indulged in an ugly fight. It all started after Mahira got annoyed with Paras’ constant leg-pulling, so much so, that she dashes off the kitchen and tells Paras to knead the dough instead. An exasperated Paras gets up, washes his hands and starts the work. However, Mahira returns in some time and asks him to get aside. Chhabra wasn’t very keen and ordered her to stay away from him. He says, “Chal nikal, chal bhak.”

This doesn’t go down well with Mahira, who asks Paras to mind his language and the two end up fighting. Mahira calls him ‘badtameez,’ while Paras angrily tells her that his finger injury hasn’t completely healed. Later, Paras compares Mahira to Rashami Desai and asks her to talk softly.

Paras Chhabra gets into a nasty fight with Mahira Sharma

This offends Mahira and she tells Paras to check his face in the mirror and fix his bad attitude. After a loud fight, Mahira dashes off the kitchen area. After some time, she returns to Paras, while he was trimming his beard, and tries to sort things; however, he was adamant on not talking to her.

Paras says, “Chal nikal yahan se, baat mat kar mujhse.” Further, he taunts Mahira over her mirror remark. He also compares Mahira to Asim Riaz and says that since they both are from Kashmir, they speak alike. Mahira tries her best to convince Paras but he is just not ready to talk. Then, Arti Singh intervenes and tells Paras to sort out the matter with Mahira, as she is crying. Paras says, “sar par chadh gayi hai,” however, he then goes up to Mahira and patches up. They then slap, hug and kiss each other.

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Meanwhile, it is being said that Mahira Sharma will get evicted from the house in mid-week eviction.

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