PIL has been filed to stop Kamal Haasan’s popular Tamil reality show ‘Bigg Boss’

A PIL was today filed in the Madras High Court against the telecast of the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss hosted by actor Kamal Haasan.

The PIL states that the show projects women in a pejorative manner and is hurtful towards the downtrodden, as per Deccan Chronicle.

Petitioner Saravanan submitted that the show must be immediately stopped from being telecast “to protect Tamil culture and tradition and in the interest/welfare of the public.”

“The dress code and behaviour of female contestants in the show are very vulgar and obscene, making my family members and me uncomfortable in watching the programme, Also the reference to Cheri (slum) by a participant to describe the behaviour of another contestant has greatly hurt the downtrodden people, said Saravanan.

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Claiming that the show must be subject to censorship before being telecast, he said, “The show plays with the mental emotions of 15 contestants and over three crore people who are claimed to be watching the programme which is absolutely false and must be restricted as soon as possible.”

Submitting that the he sent a representation to the makers of the show on July 29 and that they had failed to respond, the petitioner said he had no other remedy except to approach the court.

 The matter will reportedly be taken up in Court on Monday, 7 August.

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