Preksha Mehta’s suicide: Father says she was worried about due to lockdown

Television actress Preksha Mehta who worked in Crime Patrol has recently committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling at her residence in Bajrang Nagar in Indore on May 25.

Preksha Mehta's suicide

Her heartbreaking last message on Instagram, “The worst thing is death of dreams,” made everyone emotional.

Preksha’s father Ravindra Mehta, while exclusively talking to ABP News over the phone, opened up about his daughter’s demise. Ravindra, who runs a general store in Indore, said, “Preksha was quite tensed as the shoots were stopped due to COVID-19 lockdown. She was upset over the fact that the lockdown period was extended in Mumbai and the chances of shoots getting resumed were bleak. She didn’t like sitting idle without any work.”

Preksha Mehta’s suicide

Ravindra Mehta told ABP News, “Whenever Preksha used to talk about the extension of lockdown, I used to tell her to not worry about it. After all, lockdown is for everyone and the entire world is upset due to it. We had no idea that she would take such a drastic step one day.”

Ravindra Mehta, denied facing any financial crisis amid the lockdown. “We all sat together and talked till 11pm on the night she committed suicide. We didn’t realise she had any problems while talking to her. She went to sleep in her room at 11pm. We wake up early morning to exercise. When Preksha’s mother went to her room to wake her up, she saw the room’s light was switched on. She knocked on the door but didn’t get any response. When Preksha didn’t open the door, her mother opened the window from outside only to find her dead body hanging in her room,” he said.

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He also clarified that the family never pressurised Preksha to get married as opposed to what’s being written in the media. He said they used to have a normal discussion about the marriage, like how it happens in every family but no one ever forced her to marry. “Preksha had already told us that she will get married in 2-3 years only after earning a name in the film and TV industry. We never pressurized her for marriage but sometimes we used to ask her to get married in a light-hearted manner,” he said.

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