This Punjabi village girl become star overnight, read the success story here!

Sara Gurpal, a rising Punjabi actress from Punjab arrived in Chandigarh on a program. She shared the experience of acting and life in the conversation. 

Sara Gurpal

The young lady Sara was in Chandigarh to judge the Mr and Miss India Glamour 2017 that concluded on Sunday. Sara, who herself began her career as a model, recalls those days when just by chance, a photographer spotted her at a theater play rehearsal and later work with her for a fashion shoot.

Sara Gurpal

Gurpal said that after this photo shoot, Confidence came in to me and I was involved in modeling. Become a part of the Beauty Pageant and won the Award of Miss Chandigarh in 2012.

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Sara Gurpal

After then her career went uphill. Coming a long way over the last 5 year, the 24-year-old girl stands strong as one of the most featured model when it comes to music video. She started her acting career with his first song Paranda that was released in 2014. After that she worked in his first movie  ‘Drama Queen’ through which her fan following is increasing.

About the acting career Sara said, “did not think that I will become actor, my luck brought it here. I learnt Indian classical dance, learnt kuchipudi”. 

Sara Gurpal

“Modeling van be a daunting profession. I remember in my initial period, there were a time when I couldn’t even get a sleep. I was a new face and many tried to use me like a puppet, ” says Sara, who feels that entertainment industry is challenging and can be hearth-breaking at the same time.

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