Rajesh Khera to enter the show ‘Ghulam’ with a new look

Life OK’s ‘Ghulam’ has been keeping the audiences hooked to the television screens with the latest twists and turns. We had already revealed about Holi romance between Shivaani (Niti Taylor) and Rangeela (Param Singh). Now, there are reports that Rajesh Khera will enter the show with a different look!

Rajesh Khera

Rajesh will be entering the show as Ardhanareshwar. He is seen as the Kul Guru and people will be seen respecting him.

Talking about his character, Rajesh told a leading daily, “My character will be seen dresses up as half woman and half man since he believes that the universe is divided in half – day and night, truth and false, man and woman, good and bad habits, and so on. While he conducts himself very softly he has a mad streak too.”

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He makes his entry into the city Berahampur dressed in full finery and is given due respect as he is the kul guru, “Thus when I enter the head of the clan there lies down to greet me and I step on his back to enter the haveli. That is the kind of command he has over them all.”

Rajesh Khera

Talking about his role till now, Rajesh was quoted by the leading daily as saying, “I am a lucky actor who gets offered roles which are out of the box. I take them as great opportunities to look different. Some might be short but they are very impact full. The fact that I am presented in a new light excites me each time I try something different.”

And no wonder, Rajesh is excited about his looks this time round too. His costume is quite colourful and unlike any other, “Everybody around me is very kicked about my costume while I am used to it,” he ends good humoredly.

It will be interesting to watch is Rajesh’s character will bring more trouble in Shivaani’s life or will help her!

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