Rashami Desai opens up on physical abuse by ex-husband Nandish Sandhu

Actress Rashami Desai was one of the strongest contestant in Bigg Boss 13 house. Needless to say, Rashami’s relationship with Arhaan Khan raised a lot of eyebrows. However, it also brought her failed marriage with Nandish Sandhu also hogged the limelight.

Rashami Desai opens up on physical abuse

Rashami got hitched to Nandish Sandhu in 2012. But soon, there were troubles in their married life and it broke in four years.

There were reports that Rashami had faced physical violence. Well now, in an recent interview with Pinkvilla, Rashami opens up on physical abuse by ex-husband Nandish.

Rashami Desai opens up on physical abuse

She said, “Because if you don’t stop it then and there it will happen again and again. Respect and believe in yourself that you are not doing anything wrong. I understood it later because I had a fear of losing a lot of people around me.”

Adding further on what went wrong with her ex-husband Nandish, Rashami said, “I will not say ki humare beech me differences nahi the. We had a lot of differences, we had a lot of arguments, we had fights and somewhere we both didn’t realize that we were not compatible with each other. The way we used to be, the way we were together it is just not the same and we are different people together and we are trying to bring the devil out of each other. I said it and after six years after that happened, I took the divorce. Later, somewhere I realized that I was also dragging a lot.”

She went on to add, “During my divorce, that entire period, I was going through depression. I never wanted it to happen. I never wanted a separation from the person I loved the most and I could say more than myself. I tried my level best. When it did not work out, I realised that it’s fine. I was the first person who said, ‘I want a divorce, I can’t be in this relationship.”

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Rashami said that her relationship with Nandish is cordial now. “We had a lot of complaints, we did argue and fought for a lot of things but in the end, we are happy individually today. And I really respect that when we are together in the same place or bump into each other at a party, we are very cordial and we don’t have complaints anymore.”

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