Rashami Desai warns ex-boyfriend Arhaan Khan, says ‘I hope our personal pictures and videos are not used for publicity’

Bigg Boss contestants Rashami Desai and ex-Boyfriend Arhaan Khan have been in the news over their leaked bank statements controversy.

Rashami Desai warns ex-boyfriend Arhaan Khan

After this, Arhaan accuses Rashami of leaking her own bank statements and blamed her for this fiasco.

Rashami Desai warns ex-boyfriend Arhaan Khan

Well now, in a live chat, Rashami warned Arhaan and said she hopes that pictures and videos from their personal moments are not used for publicity. She said, “I have a lot to share where I should start from. There are many articles claiming sources are being written. I don’t understand where did I go wrong. If I did something for someone I never went out to promote or talk about it, but the other person is doing. I don’t have time to invest my energy in small and petty things. I did not open my mouth in the Bigg Boss 13 house, why will I speak now. People have been taking advantage of me and I accept my fault. I got into a wrong relationship and I shouldn’t have. It’s fine mistakes happen in life, I am a human. I am not a person who will go around spreading false news. I am a strong woman and not a bechari, I can take care of myself.”

She further added, “I have not taken anything or any help from anyone. I have helped people but people are shameless they don’t even respect that. I don’t owe any kind explanation to anyone. I am very happy that I have so many people in life, who love me like Devoleena and my family. They have stood by me and they know who I am and what all I have done in life. Yes, I was hurt when I learnt about my (ex) past and was hurt, broken, but now the kind of reports that are coming out I am taking this as an experience. Yes, I had a past and I don’t want to talk about it going forward as it is very discomforting. I have no interest in my past even after going through so much I kept quiet and maintained dignity. I did not utter a single bad thing about that person and I still do that. I expect whatever personal pictures, videos of our personal moments we have stay personal and are not used for publicity. And if it happens I think then you can stoop to any level. I just want to move on.”

Rashami had also taken a dig at Arhaan in multiple tweets as she called the whole situation, “Done and dusted!”

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