Read one-sided love story of Madhubala and Gangster Haji Mastan

It’s no secret that the the glamorous world of Bollywood has a pretty shady underbelly. The gangsters financed movies, and the directors paid hafta. Not only this many times the hearts of Bollywood heroines came on the underworld don and many times gangsters also got hit on the beauty of heroines.

One such underworld don was Haji Mastan who loves Madhubala. 


Haji Mastan was a people’s leader, but more like a don, and lived between 1926 and 1994. He was a was an Indian smuggler, films financer and real estate businessman. He was fluent in Tamil, lived in Mumbai and was known for his unique traits of dressing completely in white clothes, wearing white shoes, smoking costly cigarrettes and driving a white mercedes made him a “style icon” among the poor.

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It is said that Haji Mastan loved Madhubala very much and he was crazy about her. His passion for Madhubala was to the extent that he wanted to marry her.  Before he could meet her, Madhubala died very young.

haji mastan and sona

Where Haji Mastan was shocked by Madhubala’s death, her death had opened the luck of her look-alike. She was Sona who looked exactly like Madhubala. When Sona got entry in the film industry, it took a moment to think that Madhubala is back. To see the similarities between to two actress, people also got confused.

haji mastan and sona 1

Sona says, “Haji saab was extremely fond of Madhubala, then he saw me (and her resemblance to Madhubala) acting in his own production. He asked my mother and me about marriage and I agreed to the proposal.

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