Rithvik Dhanjani making his own Ganesha idol with help of actor Raqesh Bapat, see pic

 With Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 approaching, a lot of showbiz personalities are gearing up to bring Ganpati idols home. But, television actor Rithvik Dhanjani had something different in mind this time. Instead of buying a moorti from the market, the 28-year-old has decided to sculpt Ganpati Murti himself.

Rithvik, since fours years, has been buying eco-friendly Ganesh idols and immerse the idol in the pond, while this year he wishes to carve the idol himself, with the help of his friend and actor Raqesh Bapat, who is quite experienced as he has been carving one every year.

Rithvik Dhanjani making ganpatiji

Speaking of seeking help from Raquesh and how he was inspired by Raquesh and wished to carve one for himself this year, he said, “Raqesh has been making Ganpati idols for long and I found it intriguing. Also, every year I buy an idol from the shop. The first thing I do is look at the eyes of the Murti because I feel the eyes call out to me. This year, too, I searched for it but I didn’t find any such Murti. So, I decided to make one with the help of Raqesh.”


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He further expressed his experience carving the God’s idol, he said, “Now, that I am making it, I realise, that not only do you invest time and effort, but also a part of your soul in it. It’s been an enriching experience.”

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The actor, who only prefers eco-friendly idols as he realises the importance of saving the environment. “People who buy idols made of pop (plaster of paris), need to understand the hazards. The sight on the following day of the immersion is pathetic. All that you have done with love and affection and prayers is lying around at people’s feet. Have an eco-friendly Ganpati and save the environment because you are responsible for it.”

Rithvik has been immersing his Ganesh idols in ponds, while this year, he has planned to do the visarjan at his house. The actor, who had started carving the idol last week, uses silt and clay from the riverbanks to sculpt Ganesh murti. Even this, just like every year, Rithvik will keep Ganpati at home for five days. Speaking of the progression of sculpting the idol, he said, “I take one and a half hour every day for it. Raqesh is guiding me and I am also adding my own inputs. It’s been six days and should be ready by tomorrow.”

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