Rohit Shetty Becomes Sonakshi Sinha’s Neighbour Now

Sonakshi Sinha and director Rohit Shetty will soon be the new neighbours in show business. The filmmaker is planning to move into the complex next door from Ramayan, the Sinha residence parked inside a quaint Juhu lane.

Rohit Shetty

The hit filmmaker has erected an entire building which is a ten storey structure in Mumbai.

What’s interesting about his brand new address is the fact that it makes the Golmaal maker Shatrughan Sinha’s neighbour. The senior actor has a nine storey bungalow Ramayan right next to Rohit’s Shetty Tower.

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As per news sources, the top two floors of the building will be occupied by Rohit, his mother Ratna, his wife Maya and son Ishaan. The first four floors of the high-rise have been allotted to an expansive parking facility to house Rohit’s high-end cars, while the rest of the floors will be given out on rent.

On the same, a source has been quoted by a publication saying, “Rohit had been thinking of building a prime property in Mumbai for 11 years. He is happy that his hard work has finally paid off and got him his dream home. He has a fully functional office with terrace-seating and a production house in Andheri and will not be moving his workspace into the new building.”

While today Rohit enjoys staying in a sprawling multi-storey apartment, in several media interactions he has recalled living in a small apartment in Dahisar (suburban Mumbai), making Rs 35 a day, suffering a financial crisis and travelling by the Mumbai local.


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