Sachiin Joshi slammed by former employees for not clearing dues, actor denies claims

A businessman-turned-actor, Sachiin Joshi’s company Viiking Ventures have alleged non-payment of salaries amounting to Rs 31 lakh which they claim they haven’t received even months after quitting.

Sachiin Joshi slammed by former employees

The employees claimed that while the actor has money for charity he hasn’t cleared their pending dues.

As per a report in Mid-Day, Taskeen Naik, who formerly worked as social media head and public relations officer at ‘Viiking Ventures’, has accused the actor of not clearing her dues despite her resignation in May 2019. Taskeen told the daily that she tried to reach out to the actor, but he blocked her number.

Sachiin Joshi slammed by former employees

Naik even took to her Facebook account and wrote, “I do not know when my dues will be clear but I do not want anyone to suffer like all of us. It is not limited to hard-earned money of employees but now the objective is a violation of morales and ethics. People in need of fame spill money in charity and leave their employees unpaid. Charity begins at home(sic).”

Another former employee Krishna Choudhary was quoted saying, “I tendered my resignation in June(2019), and have since been pursuing the HR to clear my four months’ salary. While my pleas fell on deaf ears, the department sent an e-mail last December citing lack of funds as the reason for delayed payments. How does the company have money for charity, but not to pay our pending salaries?”

Addressing the issue, Sachiin’s spokesperson issued a statement that read, “We hired a particular CEO [now no longer with us] who undertook unlawful practices and fraud, with a bunch of employees. All those people working with the said CEO are now under scrutiny and their payments are being held. The procedure should be completed by end of June 2020. Those who are given a clean chit will get their rightful dues, and the management will take legal action against those found guilty.”

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Whereas the actor told, “Our company has zero tolerance for economic offences. Those found culpable will be duly dealt with. Those trying to extort money by taking fake sob stories to the media won’t get anywhere.”

Now, in response to Sachiin’s accusations, Taskeen issued a statement that read, “Mr Sachiin Joshi is putting lame reasons for non-payment by saying that we have done financial damage to his company by joining hands with one of the ex CEO. But it is 100% false as a majority of us never even worked with the CEO which he is referring to and few of us who worked with him, never practised any such activity and even Sachiin Joshi does not have any proof but saying it just to buy time.”

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