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Saif’s daughter Sara Ali Khan will not debut in ‘Student Of The Year 2’

From the past few days, there were news doing the rounds that Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara is all set to make her bollywood debut from Karan Johar’s film ‘Student Of The Year 2’.

In an interview, Saif said that “I would love Sara to be launched by Karan Johar. He is one of the best that we have. I keep reading various reports where I am supposedly averse to her getting launched by Karan because she will apparently become another Alia Bhatt. I would just like to say that if Sara becomes as successful as Alia is then it will be a matter of pride and happiness for all of us.”

If reports are to be believed, Sara turned it down.

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According to sources, “Saif has done no such thing. Saif only said that his daughter Sara will make her debut in a Dharma film. That’s a fact. Saif didn’t say anything about Student Of The Year 2. Karan Johar has taken on himself the task of introducing Sara to the silver screen. During the last one year, Karan has offered Sara every Dharma production including Karan Malhotra’s comedy with Hrithik Roshan (which has now been shelved) and Student Of The Year 2.”

A source close to Dharma Productions was quoted as telling the website, “Sara will make her debut only in a solo-heroine film. Because of all the media pressure, Karan is getting very anxious about Sara’s debut. He has taken on the responsibility of introducing her. And he wants Sara to be as successful as his other Student Of The Year debutante Alia Bhatt. The correct vehicle for Sara’s debut is awaited.”


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