Sanjay Dutt and his 8 love affairs!

It’s a special day for Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, as he turns 58 today. He began his career way back in 1971 as a child artist in his father Sunil Dutt’s film “Reshma Aur Shera”, has over the years experimented with different genres and has been showered with love by the audience.

Sanju Baba never gave up the head of his father Sunil Dutt in the case of acting but he always stay in headline because of his personal reasons. Sanjay has gone through a very rough phase both personally and professionally. Sanju Baba fell in love many times but was not fortunate to make it last forever. But his luck changed when he married his sweetheart Manyata. Here is a look at Sanjay’s love life and his many girls:

1.Tina Munim

sanjay dutt and tina munim

Sanjay Dutt, now happily married to Manyata Dutt with twins Iqra and Shahraan was once in love with former actress Tina Munim. Tina now known as Tina Ambani is the wife of Reliance tycoon Anil Ambani. Dutt and Tina were childhood friends and love eventually blossomed between the two Bollywood actors. Tina gave her career a backseat to pair up with Sanjay in his first film “Rocky”. Tina was forced to leave Sanjay due to his highly destructive drinking habits.
2. Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma and Sanjay Dutt were introduced to each other at the mahurat of a film they were doing together. Sanjay always had a massive crush on Richa ever since he saw her photographs in a local magazine. He finally proposed to Richa when she was shooting ‘Aag Hi Aag’ (1987) in Ooty. Richa was confused and told him that she’d think it over. In Ooty, he plagued her with calls till she said yes to him. The couple got married in the year 1987. They were blessed with a girl Trishala in 1988.
After two months of their daughters birth Richa Sharma was diagnosed with cancer and the couple parted ways.Unfortunately, Richa died at her parents home in New York on December 10, 1996.
3. Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit Film With Sanjay Dutt

In 1988, Sanjay and Madhuri shared the screen together for the first time in the film ‘Khatoon Ke Khiladi’. But during the film ‘Saajan’ shooting in 1991, the close proximity of both of them. While romancing in the film, both of them give heart to each other in real life too. Sanjay and Madhuri’s love story had become the subject of discussion in the industry. The two had come very close to each other and were planning to do marriage.  But rumours have it that Madhuri’s father was unhappy with it because Sanjay was still married to Richa Sharma and they had a daughter Trishala.

But soon after the 1993 Mumbai blasts, when Sanjay came under the radar for illegal possession of arms, Madhuri reportedly got wary of him and started maintaining a distance. Eventually, she tied the knot with US-based doctor Shriram Nene. And it has been decades now since she and Sanjay shared screen space, or even met off-screen.

4. Rhea Pillai
After parting ways with Madhuri, Sanjay Dutt started dating socialite model Rhea Pillai. They got married in 1998. Their marriage went on well for some time until the rumours about Sanjay Dutt having affairs outside marriage began to surface. After living apart for a few years the couple divorced in 2005.
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5. Nadia Durrani
Insiders say Nadia, who is part Indian and part Afghan, was involved with Sanjay much before his wife Rhea came into the picture. Their relationship allegedly continued even after his marriage. Apparently Sanjay Dutt was dating Nadia Durrani as both were filming for ‘Kaante’ in (2002), Sanjay Dutt and Rhea Pillai’s marriage came to an end due to this love affair. But after few years they parted ways and no one knows the reason!

6. Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray

Sanjay Dutt and Lisa Ray were in a relationship, as Sanjay was depressed after his wife’s death and was also facing legal battles. During this period he was facing a hard time because of the jail sentencing in connection to the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. But the actor was not vocal about his relationship. However, their love life did not go well and they broke up.

7. Rekha

sanjay dutt and Rekha

Rekha and Sanjay Dutt were working in a film together, probably “Zameen Aasmaan” (1984). The rumours of their affair surfaced at that time. At the same time, Rekha was linked with megastar Amitabh Bachchan who was married to actress Jaya Bhaduri. In fact, there were news of Rekha secretly getting married to Sanjay Dutt and vanishing from the city with him. But, when Sanjay Dutt’s father Sunil Dutt came to know of this, he got furious and got his son married to Richa Sharma. Rumours suggest that Rekha had an affair with Sanjay just to make Big B jealous.

8. Manyata Dutt

Manyata dutt

Sanjay Dutt was involved with a junior artist, Nadia Durrani when he first met Manyata who was then known as Dilnawaz Shaikh. Dutt found Nadia and Manyata poles apart. While Nadia enjoyed the luxuries that came with Dutt’s presence, Every time Nadia was out of town, Manyata would stay over, and take charge of his kitchen. It is being said that’the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach’ And it worked.

After two years of relationship. They tied the knot in 2008 at the Taj Exotica in Goa. After two years of their marriage, the couple welcomed their beautiful twins, Shahraan and Iqra Dutt who are born in 2010.


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