Shahid Kapoor warns his brother Ishaan to stay away from Jhanvi Kapoor

Recently there were a lot of rumours making rounds that Ishaan who is about to make his debut with Majid Majidi’s next is dating Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor. The two have been spotted together at a number of places and also are said to be very close to each other.

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor who is always been protective towards his brother Ishaan Khattar and probably that’s the reason he has been taking a keen interest in Ishaan’s career in Bollywood.

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As soon as this particular news reached Shahid Kapoor’s ears, he decided to step in his brotherly shoes and give some love lessons to his younger sibling.

According to MidDay report, Shahid recently had a heart to heart conversation with Ishaan warning him to keep his personal life discreet so that it doesn’t take the focus away from his debut film, Majidi Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds. Shahid believes such rumours can also prove damaging for his career.

Shahid knows that Ishaan is just about to make a debut and at this stage how important it is for him to stay in the ‘correct’ limelight.

Ishaan and Jhanvi both are likely to make their Bollywood debuts soon. While Jhanvi’s film hasn’t been announced yet, Ishaan is working with master Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds.

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