Shocking! Actor Jeetu Verma attacked by highway robbers, suffers grave eye damage

Actor Jeetu Verma who has worked in a number of films in the 90s, most notably Bobby Deol’s Solider was attacked by a gang of robbers during a visit to Mount Abu with wife Kusum Verma.

jeetu verma

The couple had gone to take part in the summer festival held at Mount Abu; a celebration of folk and classical music of Rajasthan. After attending the fest, the couple was on their way to Chittoor when the horrible attack took place.

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He has been admitted to a hospital in Wadala and gravely injured in the eye. His older brother, Manohar told Mumbai Mirror that he was travelling to Jaipur for a function. He said, “There is a 40-km patch of forest area near Chittorgarh, which is en route. It was broad daylight and Jeetu was sitting next to the driver in the front seat. Suddenly, some locals started pelting their car. The driver picked up speed but the stones kept coming. One hit the windshield and it cracked. Jeetu’s eye was hit and bleeding profusely even as the driver raced away.”


The injured actor was taken out of his car at a toll naka outside the forest road. There, the police were questioning couple of other people who also got attacked by the miscreants. Jeetu was rushed to Udaipur and brought to Mumbai for further treatment. The actor who owns horses runs a training school for riders and coaches. He has worked on Rangoon and Raabta in recent past. In his statement to the publication, Manohar also lashed out against security standards in Rajasthan, which seem to be deteriorating by the day. He said, “Meanwhile, the police assessed the vehicle and also recovered the stones that had cracked the glass and fallen into the car. But there needs to be more security. When such occurrences are happening in the region on a daily basis, it is important that stringent measures be taken immediately.”

The actor’s eye is severely injured with 10 stitches near his eyebrows. The operation was done today and the doctors revealed that his retina is injured.

“He is going to be in the hospital for few more days and the second operation will take place tomorrow,” said actor’s wife Kusum.

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