BB 13: Sidharth compares his relationship with Shehnaaz to smoking cigarettes, says Sad raha hu, par peeta hu

Bigg Boss 13 contestants Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s friendship has hit a rough patch. Sidharth is continuously ignoring Shehnaaz from the past few days.

Sidharth compares his relationship with Shehnaaz

In fact, the actor even said, “Jo apne maa-baap ka saga nahi ho sakta, wo kisika nahi ho sakta.” This had hurt Shehnaaz a lot. He also shared that he had been duped by many people like her in the past and doesn’t wish to be associated with her. Shehnaaz had tried talking to him later but he had rebuffed her advances.

Sidharth compares his relationship with Shehnaaz

Yesterday we saw the two sit together and talk for a while. Shehnaaz had been trying to get Sidharth to talk to her and looks like he finally did. Sidharth explains that his attachment to Shehnaaz is like that of his attachment to cigarettes in this house. He says he knows it is harmful to him, and that he is rotting inside, but he ultimately gives in. He said, “Tere saath attachment hai, alag si. Kisi insaan ke saath nahi rahi hai. Wo aisi attachment hai jaisi meri cigarette ke saath hai. Mereko pata hai problem de rahi hai par mai ja ke peeta hun.”

Sidharth ended the topic saying, Till the time we’re here, we will not talk to each other. But, I’ll ensure that you’re not facing any issues because of it. It is the truth, accept it or leave it.” Shehnaz thinks he is speaking keeping the game in mind. Sidharth denies but Shehnaz tells that she knows he is possessive about the people he cares for.

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To which Sidharth asks her to keep a note saying, ‘I will never hate you but will never keep in touch also. We both are very different people.’

Will this be the end of SidNaaz? For more, stay tuned!

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