Sona Mohapatra takes a dig at Salman Khan again, requests Twitter not show his tweets

Singer Sona Mohapatra who has always spoken her mind once again breaking the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Sona took to Twitter to take a jibe at Salman Khan.

Sona Mohapatra takes a dig at Salman Khan

As per Twitter’s algorithm, Salman Khan’s latest tweet, which was about his next film Bharat, popped up on Sona Mohapatra’s timeline which the singer did not take too well.

Sona took a screenshot and shared it on Twitter asking it to not show her Salman’s tweets. She asked them to “spruce up” their algorithm.

Sona Mohapatra takes a dig at Salman Khan

 Sona lashed out saying, “Dear Twitter, I don’t follow this person & would request you to spruce up your algorithm to NOT put his advertised tweets on my timeline.”

After posting this, Sona received a backlash on social media. One user wrote, “They can’t provide a special service to you, I guess.. Even I don’t follow many but see their tweets on my feed.” While another one tweeted, “It takes too much effort to make algorithms, they can’t change if you hate some body.” 

In case you are wondering, Sona Mohapatra had earlier slammed Salman Khan after he was convicted last year. She had tweeted, “So, what new inane defence will Madhu Kishwar sprout now? Nafisa Ali? RJ Rishi Kannan? Will daddy say sorry on his behalf? What will the suck ups in the industry do? When’s bail? When’s the next block buster release? Dabangg’concert’ tour dates? Big Boss? Charity drives?”

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In 2016 as well, she had lashed out at Salman Khan after his rape remarks during the promotions of Sultan.

Meanwhile, Salman has a busy year ahead. After wrapping up Bharat, he is going to start Dabangg 3, and a film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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