Sonali Bendre on her fight with Cancer, says she had only 30% chances of survival

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is fighting cancer like a boss, leaving many people inspired.

Sonali Bendre on her fight with Cancer

Recently in an interview, the actress opened up on being reluctant to go abroad for the treatment and also the way she reacted after knowing about Stage IV Metastatic Cancer with 30 per cent survival chance.

“It was my husband who dragged me there. I fought with him all the way like why are you doing this.. we have doctors here, why are you taking me away. My life, my home.. in three days, we literally just packed and left an I don’t know what is happening why are we going through this. But he was just quiet through the whole thing and just focussed. In the day, he was organising and in the night, because New York was awake, he was again organising.. So, I got him to actually crib about the whole thing on the flight. Through the flight, I cribbed. I was venting,” Sonali shared.

Sonali Bendre on her fight with Cancer

Sonali further said that when she visited the doctor next day, she was shattered to know about her severe condition. ”Next day we go to the doctor and he looks at everything and we had sent all our tests and everything and he said it’s the fourth stage and you have 30 per cent chance and I was like what. That really hit me and I just turned to Goldie. I remember looking at him and saying thank god you got me here,” she added.

“Goldie always says that ‘tomorrow I’d rather feel I over-reacted, over-spent than under-reacted and have that regret that I should have done that’. There was no time for it and we were not told that it was the fourth stage but Goldie had started reading about it and he was suspecting it.”

The actress has also done a photoshoot recently revealing the scars on her body emerged due to the treatment. 

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Sonali revealed that she has been diagnosed with “high grade cancer” in July this year.

The actress has recently back from the US and is spending time with her loved ones and friends.

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