Sooraj Pancholi reveals he was put in Anda cell during Jiah Khan case, says I lost someone who I loved

The death of Jiah Khan in 2013 was one of the most shocking cases in Bollywood which has still not been resolved completely on the judicial level.

Sooraj Pancholi reveals he was put in Anda cell

The controversy refuses to abate even after more than six years of the incident. New twists and turns have been emerging in the case ever since.

Jiah, 25, left behind a note allegedly pointing a finger at Sooraj Pancholi. Later, Mumbai police had arrested Sooraj Pancholi on charges of ‘abetment to (Jiah’s) suicide’ and he was later granted bail.

Sooraj Pancholi reveals he was put in Anda cell

Well now, Sooraj, who had maintained silence all these years, recently opened up about the suicide of his former partner. The actor also shared about being secluded in Anda Cell.

While talking to Pinkvilla, the actor said, “I was put in the Anda cell at the Arthur Road jail which is the most secluded cell. You have no contact with anyone and you don’t even get newspapers. I was completely numb. At that point, nothing mattered. All that I kept thinking was that I lost someone who I loved.”

He also added that the reason he didn’t speak up about the case for years is that he respects Jiah’s family and that fact that they have been through so much. “I have actually been silent because I respect that family. I respect what the family has been through. But the media has become very irresponsible. They only care about their TRPs. There are times when I’m in Court and things have been in my favour and a lot of journalists were there. I asked them, “Will you write this?” They told me they won’t because it’s a positive story and it won’t track. It’s unfair but I also believe in time.”

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