Suchitra Krishnamoorthi blasts Swara Bhaskar for her opinion on Padmaavat, actress hits back

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar who has been vocal about several issues has watched Padmaavat first day first show and writes an open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali published in the Wire on Saturday, calling out the director for glorifying sati and jauhar in his film.

The actress was offended by the end of the film where Rani Padmini (Deepika Paduone) commits Jauhar to safeguard herself from evil Alauddin Khilji. She said that she felt reduced to a vagina by the end of it.

Swara’s opinions haven’t gone too well with a lot of people including Suchitra Krishnamoorthi.

She took to Twitter and slams Swara and and wrote, “Funny that an actress who can play an erotic dancer/ prostitute with such elan should feel like a vagina after watching a story of a pious queen . What standards are these …tch tch”.


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 Swara gave it back to the actress in style. She wrote back to Suchitra saying, “Funny that people cannot get over the fact that a woman said Vagina! Funny that in a 2440 word article making fairly comprehensible arguments they only remember the word Vagina!!! ? So… Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina……………vagina vagina VAGINA!!!!!”


Swara Bhaskar wrote in her open letter to SLB, “Yes, women have vaginas, but they have more to them as well. So their whole life need not be focused on the vagina, and controlling it, protecting it, maintaining it’s purity. “(Maybe in the 13th century that was the case, but in the 21st century, we do not need to subscribe to these limiting ideas. We certainly do not need to glorify them.)”

“It would be nice if the vaginas are respected; but in the unfortunate case that they are not, a woman can continue to live. She need not be punished with death, because another person disrespected her vagina without her consent.”

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