Tanushree Dutta’s sister Ishita Dutta has finally broke her silence on #MeToo movement!

The controversy of Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar has left the entire nation in shock. The actress has recently accused Nana of assaulting her on the sets of Horn OK Please.

While many have comes out in support of Tanushree. While, many are still maintaining stoic silence over the controversy.

Well now, Tanushree’s sister Ishita has finally broken her silence on the issue and said she is proud of her sister.

While talking to DNA, Ishita said “It takes a lot for one person to stand up and speak and I am really proud of her. My sister kind of gave courage to a lot of other women who are speaking today. Hats off to her and all the women who are opening up (about sexual harassment) because it is not an easy fight. It is not just about talking but what follows.”

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When asked that was it a deliberate move that she kept quiet all this long when others from the industry supported Tanushree. On this, she said, “It’s not deliberate, but I have been with her all these years and seen whatever has happened in her life. It is a sensitive issue. When I saw the videos, again, and watched my father and sister, I relived the pain and trauma. I felt bad that they had to go through that. It angered me, too.”

Explaining her stance, she said that the problem is that a lot of people ask ridiculous questions and that makes her angry and she fails to understand on how she should react to it. Well, this is the reason that she stayed away all this while. “She is next to me, she is my sister, why should I put out a story on social media? I can tell her directly. Every day at home we are discussing things, what is happening, etc. My parents are there, my dad is doing all the legal paperwork and whatever else is required. Why do people expect us to show support on social media?.” added Ishita.

Meanwhile, Tanushree has recent;y attended a dandiya event with sister Ishita Dutta and her husband Vatsal Sheth

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