Telly couple Ram Kapoor and Gautami Kapoor became a brand ambassadors for Philips Healthcare!

Actor Ram Kapoor along with his wife Gautami turned brand ambassador of a healthcare initiative to create awareness about sleep disorders.  He says sleep is a very important part of a healthy life and people should take it seriously.

This is the first time in India that actors are coming forward to be a part of a sleep ailment like sleep apnea. Currently, India is suspected to have over 91 million people suffering from sleep apnea and not even a significant number of population is aware of their condition.

“A few years back when I went through a medical check-up, I got to know about the disease sleep apnea. My doctor suggested getting a check-up since I am overweight and my snoring increased. I think we should take our sleep seriously for a healthy lifestyle” said Ram Kapoor.

Talking about the sleeping disorder, Gautami said: “There are some signs like feeling tired in the day time, not feeling fresh in the morning while waking up.”

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Manvir Bhatia, Director of Sleep Medicine and Senior Consultant of Neurology at two key capital-based hospitals, was present at the event along with Priyank Aggarwal, Head of Strategy of Philips India.

Emphasising on the importance of medical help for sleep apnea, Bhatia said: “Apart from snoring, feeling tired and lethargic in the day time, being obese, having a small throat… There are certain things that one should keep in mind. First of all, do not get unnecessarily worried if you face such symptoms once in a while.

“If it is happening very often, then you need medical help and a check-up is needed. There are hundreds of sleep disorders. Do not mix it up with insomnia, which is a common problem in our urban lifestyle. Sleep apnea is different from insomnia.”

Bhatia, who has authored a book “Sleep Solution: Secrets For a Good Night Sleep”, added: “In my book, I explained what is ideal sleep, what are the common problems and then its solutions. Understanding and awareness of your sleep pattern will help you to get a better lifestyle. We have to make an effort for good sleep.”

Philips officials said they have set up over 500 sleep labs throughout the country and about 70 in Maharashtra to create awareness among common people about the health issue.


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