Meet top 10 unseen mothers of South Indian actress!

It’s no denying that South Indian actors are adored by everyone, all over the world. Like Bollywood, South Indian actors are also ruling the heart of their fans. With their professional life fans are also queries to know about the personal life of their favorite stars. In this article we are going to meet you top 10 unseen mothers of south Indian actress. Take a look here:

1. Trisha Krishnan mother Uma Krishnan

Trisha and her mother Uma Krishnan are surely the ideal mother-daughter pair in Kollywood. They complement each other and work in tandem, which is a major factor for the actresss success in the tinsel world. Trisha says, My mom is the best mother in the world. She has been the pillar of my strength and has stood by me like a rock through thick and thin. She has been simply amazing.

2. Tamanna Bhatia mother Rajani Bhatia

Tamanna’s mother Rajani has always supportive to her daughter. Like all moms and daughters, they work together and holiday together too. Last year, a trip to the US saw both Tammu and Rajani having a great time. Tammu has always said that the two most important people in her life are her mom and dad and it’s been their support that has made her achieve so much.

3. Kajal Aggarwal mother Suman

Unlike other actresses, Kajal Aggarwal’s mom is not seen around too much in the south. Suman Aggarwal is a confectioner in Mumbai and keeps busy with her work there. Suman is super proud of her daughter and her success.

4. Shruti Hassan’s mother Sarika

Sarika, is an Indian actress. In her acting career, she was often cast as a “westernized girl” in films due to look Non-Indian looks. She gave up her acting career after her marriage to Kamal Haasan and moved to Chennai with him during the peak of her career. She has two beautiful daughters Shruti and Akshara Hassan.

5. Ileana D’cruz mother Samira D’cruz

Ileana’s mother Samira was a hotel manager and due to mom motivation Ileana d’cruz joined modeling career. Now we know from where Ileana gets her good looks.

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6. Hansika Motwani mother Mona Motwani

Hansika Motwani’s mother Mona is a doctor by profession. Mona is always supportive to her daughter. Hansika has always stated that she will never do anything to hurt her mom and it looks like this is true. She discusses everything with her mom and makes sure her mom approves before she signs on the dotted line.

7. Anushka Shetty mother Prafulla Shetty

Anushka Shetty is very close to her mother and is often photographed. This Tulu speaking family seem to love attending public events together as well as spending time together. Anushka’s mother come from a prominent Bellipady Uramalu Guthu family in Mangalore. She play a supportive role in Anushka’s career. The Shetty family is full of professionals.

8. Taapsee Pannu mother Nirmaljeet

Taapsee Pannu’s mother is a homemaker. It is obvious to see Taapsee’s love for her parents in the various pictures she shares with her fans.

9. Genelia D’souza mother Jeanette

Genelia’s mother Jeanette D’Souza worked as a director of a Pharmaceutical company, she left her job to help Genelia with her acting career. Jeanette made sure she passes on all her genes to her daughter.

10. Shriya Saran mother Neeraja

Shriya Saran’s mother Neeraja was a teacher and now we know from where Shriya gets her good looks.

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