Unbelievable People with Additional body parts!

Every day we see or read about new and different people who astonish us. Today, I am also going to introduce to you some special people who not only will surprise you, but will make you doubt on their existence. Take a look at these eight people with extra body parts.

1. Man with two hearts and three legs


Born in Germany in 1844, George Lippert was born with two hearts and three legs. His both hearts were functional but the leg was not functional. Lippert claimed that his leg had been fully functional until it sustained a fracture. His fate was far more successful and he lived a long life, got married, and had children. He died in 1966 at the age of 78.

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2. Baby with two faces


A boy hailing from Hunan, China namely Kangkang was born with appearance of having two faces. It just looked like the boy was wearing a mask.

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