Vidya Balan Was Once Considered As Unlucky, Get First Break After 40 Screen Test

Vidya Balan starter ‘Begum Jan’ is released on the box office. In Award-winning filmmaker, Srijit Mukherji’s film Vidhya plays the madam of a brothel. The film receives mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

Vidya Balan, the actress, who created her own space in B-town by her hard work , even after a long struggle before tasting success is in the shining position and one among the most famous actress.

Vidhya made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with Pradeep Sarkar’s musical drama “Parineeta”. Before being cast, she had to undergo extensive auditions for six months. After giving 40 screen tests and 17 makeup shoots, she got “Parineeta”.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

In 2000, Vidya was cast as the female lead in the Malayalam film “Chakram”, opposite Mohanlal. Immediately after that, she got 12 movies. However, due to production difficulties, “Chakram” was shelved. Before that Mohanlal’s any film didn’t delay. The film producers blamed Vidya for bringing “bad luck” to the project; labeled her as a “jinx”; and replaced her in the films that she had been contracted for.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

She shifted focus to Tamil cinema. In 2001, she was cast as the female lead in N. Linguswamy’s Run (2002). However, after completing the first shooting schedule, she was unceremoniously dropped and replaced by Meera Jasmine.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

She was signed up under false pretenses for a sex comedy, a genre she was uncomfortable with, and decided to leave the project. Thereafter, she signed on for a third Tamil film, “Manasellam” (2003), but was replaced by Trisha as the director was dissatisfied with her work.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

After failing to start a film career, Vidya appeared in approximately 60 television commercials and in music videos for Euphoria and Shubha Mudgal. This actress revealed that it was a difficult phase and she was glad that her family was beside her during hardship and it helped her to survive.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

Vidya Balan was born on 1 January 1979 in Chembur, Mumbai, to parents of Tamilian descent. According to Vidya, they speak a mix of Malayalam and Tamil at home. Her elder sister, Priya Balan, works in advertising. The actress Priyamani is her second cousin.

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Vidya Balan unseen pics

From a young age, she aspired to a career in film and was inspired by the work of actors Shabana Azmi and Madhuri Dixit. At the age of 16, she starred in the first season of Ekta Kapoor’s sitcom “Hum Paanch” as Radhika, a bespectacled teenager.  Following the success of the show, Vidya refused director Anurag Basu’s offer to star in a television soap opera, as she wanted to concentrate on a film career.

Vidya Balan unseen pics

Her parents were supportive of the decision but encouraged her to complete her education first.  She attended St. Xavier’s College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sociology and later earned a master’s degree from the University of Mumbai. Before enrolling in a Master’s degree in Sociology, she had worked in about 90 ads.

This “Dirty Picture” actress is extremely obsessed with cleanliness and is a hygienic freak. Vidya Balan just makes sure that everything around her is spot clean without dirt and dust. In fact, she suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She is extremely organized and the moment she spots any dust, she tries to clean it herself.

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Vidya is trained in Carnatic music and briefly studied the dance forms of Bharatnatyam and Kathak. Regarding her religious affiliations, Vidya said, “I am a person with a lot of faith and I have conversations [with God] all the time but I am not so religious in the conventional, organized sense”.


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